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L Shaped Modular kitchen pictures from the internet


Tweet One of our readers had asked us some questions about a “L-shaped” modular kitchen. The forum link is : We are attaching two pictures here from the internet for her benefit. If anyone has a “L-shaped” modular kitchen at home, please feel free to answer her questions. Images Courtesy :

Bed Sizes – Single, Double, Queen and King | Take your pick

Tweet We all hear the term “king size bed” and “queen size bed” often. The most common terms used in India are only “single bed” and “double bed”. So to make you choose appropriately, we decided to cover a small article on – Bed Sizes… Note: All dimensions given below are for the mattresses. The […]

Microwave oven – Introduction

Tweet There was a time when refrigerators (or fridge) and a mixer were the only appliances present in one’s kitchen. This is slowly changing and the latest buzz word in Indian homes is “Microwave Oven”. It has been there in our market for over a decade now. But with the prices coming down and the […]

Vitrified Tile – What is it exactly?


Tweet I am sure, most of us would have heard this term a lot these days. Vitrified tiles. So what doed this exactly convey to people who wish to have them in their homes? This post hopes to convey some details on “Vitrified tiles” Conventional flooring is done with either grey or white mosaic. People who […]

Drinking Water for home

Tweet Image Courtesy: Flickr Lets look at the contemporary options for drinking water at our homes, 1. Metro Water – Apparently the treated metro water still has organic and inorganic contaminants.    Boiling, eBoiling etc do a limited job in killing microbes (Bacteria, virus), but does a poorly against chemical contaminants in the water.  Of course […]

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