BSNL Broadband Outage in Chennai – Time for good old Dial-up

Today was a rather difficult day for folks in Chennai who relied on BSNL broadband connection. Since around 1000 HRS local time, the modem just would not respond to the connection attempts either from the Netgear wireless router or the main PC via a PPPOE connection. On calling the toll-free number for BSNL – 1500, we realized that an Optic Fiber Cable was severed somewhere rendering the whole of Chennai subscriber base in stone age.

I was desperate to get online but nothing worked. Finally I found my old dial-up serial modem from D-Link (DFM 560ES Modem from D-Link. ) sitting on top of the almirah. Dusting it and connecting it, I was able to make it talk to a new OS – Vista. Surprisingly the same old tricks which worked in Windows ME and XP worked here too and I was able to get the modem to dial out the number.


 Image Courtesy : Shown here : DFM 560EL Modem from D-Link.

But it was more than 3 years since I had used a dial up connection. Obviously I did not have an account. But here is were the accountless internet service from BSNL came to the rescue. It is simple:

  • Configure your modem to dial 17-22-22
  • Your username is “44-followed by your 8 digit BSNL phone number” (if you are in Chennai)
  • Your password is “bsnl1234”

That is it. You are set to dial up and browse the net. Frankly GPRS and EDGE enabled phones are probably faster but this worked. The only issue is that most of the websites including Aavaas have been fine tuned for broadband experience and even instant messenger websites refused to work.

But if you have urgent mails to send or receive or you want to do some searching online, dial-up is a good way. The other options are to run to the nearest web browsing centre. But I would never touch that mouse and keyboard !

Airtel, Tata and other broadband service providers were not affected today.

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