VEGERATOR (Inverter Refrigerators) from Panasonic


Panasonic India has launched their new series of refrigerators – VEGERATOR. It is an inverted refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom and the more commonly accessed parts on the top. This has advantages of not having to stoop low and fetch the vegetables which are one of the most commonly used section of any refrigerator. The philosophy of having the vegetable section at the bottom was to keep it away from the cooler parts so that the vegetables didn’t become frigid and die or cold.

Panasonic has removed this issue by separating the freezer section from the normal section via a two door access. This is also seen in many of the frost free and also direct cooling refrigerators these days. Only the very low end refrigerators have a single door.


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There is no word on the pricing on the website though. The following are the features of this refrigerator.

For convenient storage of heavy, space-consuming vegetables, the vegetable case is located in the center where items are easy to see and take out. Panasonic’s Vegerator is a completely new style of refrigerator.
Convenient, Revolutionary “THE VEGERATOR”

Easy to See – The frequently used vegetable case is right at waist height, so you can see all the way to the back.

Easy to See

Easy to Get – You can reach the food inside while standing straight up. It’s easy to get even heavy or bulky foods in and out

Easy to See

Easy to Arrange – You can do everything in a natural posture, with no bending down. This makes it more efficient to use while cooking.

Easy to Arrange

Twin Bio Attacker

  • BIO Odor Attacker–60 Times More Powerful Deodorization!
  • BIO Bacteria Attacker–Powerful Inactivates 99.98% of Bacteria!

Safety Tempered Glass Shelves

Strong and clean tempered glass shelves that can withhold load as heavy as 100kg. Heavy loading of food can even be done at the top shelves. 

Capacities available ( as mentioned on Panasonic India Website )

  • 231L
  • 255L
  • 299L
  • 355L
  • 395L
  • 512L

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