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For most of us a beverage is part of our daily life. It could be a fruit juice, cup of coffee or butter milk. We use all sorts of containers to drink them – Glass, steel mugs, porcelain and so on. What is common to all the beverages and the containers? They tend to stain the surface where it is placed.

Cold drinks gather precipitation on the outside. These slowly trickle down form beads of liquid and finally fall onto the table or which ever surface the container is placed on.

Hot drinks do the reverse. They heat the surface and cause scarring or leave different sorts of stains on the surface. The end result is that our precious table surfaces made of wood or glass tend to accumulate grime which looks particularly disgusting from some angles and based on the lighting of the room.


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Given the fact that water in most of our homes is hard and salty in nature (or has sugar – in case of soft drinks), you would see stains immediately on the surface and some of them can be hard to remove.

So what is the solution for this? It is very simple. Use – Coasters. Perhaps you havent heard of the name, but you have certainly used it in one form or the other. Coaster is a simple layer of either plastic or cloth or paper, which sits in between the glass and the table surface. All the spills and chills are protected by the coaster.

If the coaster is made of cloth (or rarely paper – disposable ones), it can not only protect the surface of the paper, but also be use to wipe out spillage.

Here is a sample image of coaster. You can choose your shape and colors to match the decor or your home.


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Coasters can be made of :

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Cloth
  • Paper (disposable)
  • Glasss
  • Steel
  • Bamboo
  • Leaves! (disposable)

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