WC/Flush Tank Combos

In the past we had written about individual flush tank pieces. These are connected to the WC via a tube which carries the water from the tank and flushes the WC with some force. Today we show you a combo piece.

Combo WC-Flush tank

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Note that in the picture the flush tank is not wall mounted. Instead it is part of the WC itself. It looks elegant and doesn’t crowd the wall. The unit is seamless and has no joints that are visible. It really enhances the visual appeal. It would surely be more expensive than the individual units but if you have taste for aesthetics, this could be a choice.

Also note how dry the floor of the bathroom is. Ideally this is how all the bathroom surfaces should look like. They avoid accidents and reduce the chance of your floor developing leaks and cracks due to water seepage.

On the right is a normal toilet paper dispenser and on the left is the health faucet which we have already written about on aavaas. The place where the health faucet’s pipe meets the water supply, is also a regular tap for usage. One the left extreme one can see a dustbin. This is a very good practise. You can dispose of unnecessary stuff into the dustbin and not into the WC as some people do. This includes, shampoo sachets, pieces of soap, plastic covers and the like. The would block your septic tank and you would have to incur additional expenses in clearing these out.

We are equally pleased by the tiles on the wall. The texture is different and not the usual plain and boring type.

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