Shower and Tap set for your bathroom – an example

Yet another picture we would like to present and talk about. This time it is the shower and tap set which would go into the bathroom.

shower and taps

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The tap system you see at the bottom is a warm and cold water dispenser. It has two channels for letting water stream out. First is the tap below.There is a knob in the centre which can be shifted to either left or right. Left selects the dispenser to shower and right selects the dispenser to the regular tap. (can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer).

The warm and cold knobs can be seen in the picture. Usually the warm knob has a red ring to identify the same and the cold knob has a blue ring. The letters “h” and “c” are also found on some knobs. One can select the temperature by adjusting both the knobs accordingly.

Once the desired temperature has been set, one can regulate the water flow by the central lever. Note the stainless steel soap dispenser.

Also you might be wondering what the little steel plate next to the shower head is? It is a retractable cord which is used to support a bathroom curtain if required. on the opposite end of the wall, there would be a socket into which the nylon rope would fit in.

We hope you found this post useful.

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