LPG Cylinder Brands in India – Part 1

A large portion of the Indian homemakers use LPG cylinders in their kitchen to cook. We thought of throwing some light on the various vendors that are available in India today who deal with domestic LPG connections.


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The first name in this category would be Bharat Gas.


A brand owned by Bharat Petroleum, Bharat gas caters to domestic LPG consumers. You can check a lot of details such as distributor list online at their website. They even have online booking for gas connection.


The second in the list would be Hindustan Petroleum. Their product is called HPGAS.

 HP Gas is Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), popularly known as cooking gas is a mixture of Hydrocarbons which are gaseous at normal temperature but can be liquified at moderate pressure and can be stored in cylinders as liquid under pressure and is drawn out and used as gas.


Like Bharatgas HP also offers a lot of facilities online.

For bookings please visit : http://jihaan.hpcl.co.in/booking/Default.aspx

For complaints and feedback please visit : http://jihaan.hpcl.co.in/cms/register.aspx

More vendors in Part 2 of this article. Some LPG Facts for you:

    Since LPG is almost twice the weight of air it tends to settle down at floor level particularly in depressions, hence care has to be taken in locating gas installations in the house . Also the fact that 1 cc of liquid LPG multiplies into about 270 cc of gaseous LPG helps it spread very rapidly in the atmosphere, hence if a gas cylinder leaks it should immediately be removed to an open area.

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