iPhone 3G coming to India on 22 August – Cost and some details

For all you phone enthusiasts out there, the iPhone 3G from Apple is hitting Indian Market on 22nd Aug 2008. It is brought to India exclusively by Airtel and Vodaphone. 


iPhone promises to intrigue consumers with a multitude amount of features some of which are not to be found on other mobile phones out there. All of these are backed by Apple’s cutting edge design and innovation. But is it really worth the hype? Read on….


Well for starters the iPhone is a touchscreen multimedia phone which gives the same or even better music experience like the famous iPod which revolutionized the music player industry. Also thrown in are features such as a touch screen, Wifi, 3G, a camera ,GPS and ofcourse your mobile phone.


So how does it really add up? To begin with lets analyze the cost.

In India sources claim that the 8GB model is going to cost Rs. 31,000 ! This amounts to $700 (approximately)

The same model in the US (with a 2 year contract) comes to only $199 !!

The 16GB model costs Rs. 36,000 ! This is approximately $820 while the same model in the US costs only $300 (with a 2 year contract).

For these prices the phone better not be network locked! (for those who are not aware of this term, it means that you cannot buy the phone from Airtel and put in your BSNL SIM CARD into it!)

We do not know yet if Airtel/Vodafone would have some kind of a contract to bring the prices down but then again it would be more expensive as you would have to pay some special fee for a special plan. But knowing the Indian market we do not think that the operators would really launch a contract model.

The phone is touted to even exlude a wall mount charger in its pack! Yes you read it right. All these have to purchased separately. (To be confirmed)

Yet another feature which we think is highly talked about but would not be powerful enough is GPS (Global positioning satellite). This has the ability to guide you to your destination. But we do not know if Apple has the application bundled with the iPhone. Other phone manufacturers charge a specific fee for the same.  

Coming to 3G itself – There is no clear route to 3G yet in India. The spectrum is yet to be fully licensed and opertional. Even if it does become operational, we estimate that the prices would be pretty high for data transfer. Well that is what 3G would be really better at compared to current standards such as GPRS and EDGE.

So ask yourself – is it really worth buying a gadget for 30,000+ rupees when most of its features would never be properly exercised in India.

For 30,000 rupees you could get a decent mobile phone for about 10,000 rupees and spend the remaining buying some gadget for your home such as a washing machine or a refrigerator !

Let us know what really drives you to buy an Apple iPhone.

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