The concept of caretakers for home

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When you think of your home what emotions flicker through your mind first. Does your home evoke emotions like bliss, freedom from worry (‘Hakuna Mattata!’), ecstasy, pleasure, peace, etc? Do you have lots of free time with your family? If the answer to these questions were ‘No’, then you are not realizing the full potential of your house. A home should be a place of serenity, peace, and joy. It should not add to your list of burdens, but reduce them.

Most often than not, regular maintenance and payment of various bills to concerned authorities are the time consumers and worry factors. Dealing with the painting contractor, or a leaky faucet is not the way to start a day. Trying to get the defective water meter fixed or paying a visit to the municipal office is not a task easily undertaken.

A caretaker would solve the situation, but what about the expenses involved. All these and more can be solved if the expenses for a good caretaker can be shared among a number of flat owners. A caretaker can pay electricity, water, and property tax bills. He can deal with the gardeners, painting contractors, plumbers, and carpenters needed to keep your home in excellent condition. It’s time to develop your property.

A number of Kochi flat and apartment builders undertake to develop your property using their expertise and apart from a brand new flat of your own, you get readily marketable spaces, as flats. You also have the option of selling only when the price is high.

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