Cushions – Mood setters for your home

Cushions are more or less an indispensable part of any home. They are usually found on the sofa (couch as others may refer to it).


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But cushions can go way beyond just the sofas. They are part of diwans, beds, carpets and even some chairs. These fluffy pieces are good to hold and often are used in the front than for the back support. Infact some of the cushions are oddly shaped which makes their usage for the back practically impossible.

Cushions come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The color ofcourse is at the user’s discretion as cushion covers are easily available in the market. You could choose plain colors to go with your furniture or vibrant colors to change the mood for your home.

Seemingly, there are patterns available which give a whole new dimension to the cushions.


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Seen below are zebra pattern cushions! See with your imagination your home can look really different.


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The material inside the cushion is also important. Make sure you choose something which doesnt affect people in your home. Some people can be allergic to foam or other materials used to stuff the cushion. Make sure you buy branded ones which has some inert filling like recron inside.

Remember to periodically clean/vacuum these to avoid dust allergies. Washing the cushion covers along with other items such as curtains is not a bad idea either.

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