Flush Tank – Do-it-yourself – Part 2

Yesterday we briefly introduced you to the parts within the tank. There is the main valve, the float and the operational handle.

The tank is made of plastic as you can see from the picture below.

tank body

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The hole that you see on the front is where the handle goes in.

lid and bridge

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These pictures show you the lid of the tank and also what we call “the bridge”. The bridge is a device which is used to hold  the tank together when it is filled with water. It is am improvised design. Earlier tanks did not have this and as a result the tank would bulge one way due to the weight of the water inside and eventually break.

There are 4 openings in a flush tank. The first is something we already discussed. It appears in the front where the operating handle would be mounted. The tank has two inlet holes on each side. This is to give a generic design so that you can adapt the main inlet valve from either side depending on your bathroom’s design.

The last of the holes is at the bottom and this is where  the water is expelled out of.You can see the pictures below for the same.

opening at bottom

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In the second picture the main valve has been fitted into.

main valve fitted 

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It is a simple twist and turn mechanism. The base however has to be screwed onto the tank. Believe us – no tools are required to repair/replace these parts.

handle fitted

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In this picture you can see that we have fitted the handle on to the tank with the lever attached to the main valve. when you turn the handle on from the outside you lift the main valve and “flush” the toilet as all the water goes into the WC.

float fitted

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And finally in this picture you can see that we have fitted the float as well. The float is part of the inlet system. SO the main valve and the flush tank are connected to each other by means of a flexible pipe.

More in final part.

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