Flush Tank – Do-it-yourself – Part 1

Ever had this flush tank which kept leaking all day long and kept you and your family away from a dry bathroom floor? Welcome to the club. Flush tanks are designed to last normally. But due to various factors we end up in a situation where the mechanism inside simply fails. What is even worse is that to prevent the leak we close the mains supply to the tank and end up with no water in the tank when we really want it to be.

This is the first of the a three part article which would give you some tips of repairing your tank on your own. Its kind of a Do-it-yourself article.

To understand the functioning of the flush tank, you need to know that there are only 3 vital components within. The first is the valve which releases water to your WC. The second is a float which regulates the flow of water into the tank and shuts it off when the tank is full. And the last part is the handle which is used to operate the tank from outside.

In the picture given below you can see the parts on the floor.

Parts of a Flush Tank

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More on this in the next part.

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