Tools to Paint your home

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paint tools

Preparing the right tools will save you the time and hassle of having to scramble for tools in the middle of your paint job.
Some of essential items you will need are:

  1. Sandpaper: for smoothing out uneven surfaces prior to painting.
  2. Sanding block: to keep the sandpaper.
  3. Scraper: to remove peeling paint from the surface.
  4. Turpentine: to wipe off oil-based paints easily.
  5. Clean rags: to wipe up splattered paint.
  6. Masking tape: to block off objects like light switches, sockets from being painted.
  7. Covers: old newspapers or canvasses can be used to cover the floor and furniture.
  8. Brushes and rollers: choose the right type according to your purpose and surface. As a rule, it is good to have a large brush or roller, and at least one or two small brushes for tight corners.
  9. If you are planning to do some advanced paint techniques, make sure you have the correct tools to pull off the job, for e.g. pencil liners, dragging brushes, shaped-stamp.
  10. Paint tray: to mix paints and contain your roller.
  11. Sticks: to mix and stir paints with.
  12. Appropriate filler: to fill cracks or holes in the walls.
  13. Filling knife: to fill the cracks.
  14. Sponge and squeegee mop: to wash down walls and ceilings respectively.
  15. Container: to soak brushes, rollers, etc. and to hold other odds and ends.
  16. Extension pole: to reach higher areas.
  17. Ladder: if painting high up is necessary.
  18. Protective gear: like face masks, caps, gloves, etc.
  19. Comfortable old clothes: items that you are willing to part with because painting can be a messy business.

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