Kitchen Timers – Another handy piece of equipment for your kitchen

Way back in February, we had written an article:

Using Kitchen Scales – Tip for Indian homemakers

Today’s article is actually an inspiration by seeing the egg like device on our shelf (see picture below).  


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The device which you see above resembles and egg. But it is actually a mechanical timer which is capable of counting back from 60 minutes down to 1 minute. At the end of this countdown, it would buzz like a typical mechanical alarm clock.

How it operates is simple – you take the device and twist it clockwise (wind it up). Care should be taken not to over-wind the device as it may get spoilt completely. After winding it up, you merely turn the dial anti-clockwise till the red market coincides with the time you want to set.

For example if you want a timer for 5 minutes, you can turn the egg’s top half anti-clockwise till the red market coincides with “5”. Its that simple. Once that is done, leave the device on the table and at the end of 5 minutes the thing will ring.

The uses for such a timer in the kitchen are many. You can time cooking, soaking, baking and virtually anything which needs some timing. Most recipes require you to do time based activities and this is the perfect solution for that. Before the advent of electronic timers on microwave ovens these devices were more popular with conventional ovens.

They are available in wide variety of shapes and colors!


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As for the availability, we are not sure where in your city these would be available. Our piece was purchased in Germany. If you already have on, please do let us know where you purchased this.

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