Prestige Electric Rice Cooker – It Finally worked!

Do you remember our tussle with the brand new electric cooker?  Well turns out that it actually did work. The only issue was that we didn’t know what to do with the piece of equipment shown below. It is called the Trivet and when we purchased the cooker, it was found below the main vessel. We kept it there in our first attempt and never realized that it was a mistake. Our neighbours who have a Panasonic electric cooker told us that this trivet has to be placed inside the main vessel.

We did that and then the cooker worked pretty well.


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The cooking time was around 30 minutes. The rice was well made. We used 1:2 proportion for rice and water. We didn’t try the keep warm feature though. Remember to pre-soak the rice as it really has a good effect on the end product.

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