Tips to a better machine wash

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 Choosing the right detergent for your machine

If ordinary detergent powder is used to wash clothes in washing machines, you would typically require upto four times the water as compared to a handwash. Due to this quantity of water, the detergent usually gets diluted and fails to give you the desired results. This problem would not arise if a machine specific powder is used.

Dosage for you machine

How much detergent is enough? It is very essential that you dose your machine with the right amount of detergent.

For front loading washing machines:

  • Tough stains – use 60 grams of detergent
  • Regular stains – use 45 grams of detergent

For top loading washing machines :

  • Tough stains – use 90 grams of detergent
  • Regular stains – use 60 grams of detergent

Care tips for washing machines

  • Do not overload the machine as this may affect normal washing operation.
  • For a top loading washing machine, lay clothes loosely inside the washer until tey reach the top of the  tub.
  • For a front loading machine you can fill it until it is full with minimum compression of clothes.
  • For optimal performance, arrange clothes properly – bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top.
  • Placing items of different sizes in the same load will improve the washing action.
  • Always use a high quality detergent which is designed specifically for washing machines.
  • For extra dirty pants, clothes should be washed inside out, exposed to the washing machine.
  • While washing the clothes, always empty the pockets, zip up the zippers and button the clothes.
  • Do not move the machine while in operation.

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