Prestige Electric Rice Cooker – Review and Verdict : Don’t Buy!

Sunday morning and we try to use the new electric cooker which we just purchased. And to our surprise, it just didn’t work. Goes on to show what Indian companies lack – Quality and commitment towards the customers.

We followed all the instructions as given in the user manual:

  1. Soak the rice after pre-washing for about 30 minutes
  2. Transfer the rice and appropriate quantity of water into the cooking vessel
  3. Place the vessel inside the cooker and turn it on
  4. As soon as the cooker is switched on, press the cook switch
  5. After cooking the cook switch woud automatically goto warm mode. The rice can be served 15 minutes later

The only issue was that the switch never stayed put in the “cook” mode and kept flipping to the “warm” mode. After all the tries which lasted more than 90 minutes we gave up.

You can see the video of the switch operation below:

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