Embedded Flush Tank – Is it an option?

While on a recent trip to Kerala, I managed to capture this picture from the hotel’s bathroom.

Embedded Flush Tank

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The embedded flush tank is really a space saving technique. It also gives a wonderful aesthetic sense to your bathroom. The surface of the wall is smoother (finish), no dust accumulates behind the flush tank, or on top of it.

If you are already tempted to get this for your home, the you need to know the disadvantages of this as well!

For starters, the possibility of repairing and maintaining one is extremely tough. I really do not know how one would go about fixing the flush tank if it develops a leak or something. From experience I know that the parts used inside the flush tank are all susceptible to fault with usage. Areas having salty water or hard water increase the chance of your tank developing a leak or stop functioning completely.

From our recent articles, I am sure you would have imagined the importance of water conservation. So having an embedded flush tank is probably not the best of ideas.

On the other hand, if the manufacturer is a reputed one and guarantees certain number of operations without fault or leak, then perhaps you could still consider one.

On the picture you can also see the toilet seat and a hygiene faucet (health faucet). On the bottom right corner a small portion of the toilet paper holder can also be seen.

So what would you do? Would you go for the embedded flush tank or the conventional one? Do let us know your thoughts about this.

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