Summer – Air Conditioners – Power cuts – Low voltage

This is just a thought provoking post. We in Chennai are experiencing one of the most excruciating periods – SUMMER.

Recently we heard many people tell us that they have purchased an air conditioner but it fails to work because of too low a voltage at their home. A gentleman remarked today that off the three phases at his home, one phase was delivering only 80V. Yes, it was delivering 1/3 of the requirement for most appliances. In these extreme conditions no voltage stabilizer can start the power guzzling air conditioners.

Worse than this is that there have been reports of power being turned off during peak hours when almost all homes with AC turn them on and create a massive overload on the system. Small UPS and inverters cannot certainly power the air conditioners. What one really needs is a full blown generator running on diesel or kerosene to power these machines.

We had spoken about inverter technology based air conditioners. But mass adoption is a key to this. Most homes still have conventional air conditioners and this causes voltage drop issues.

How are you tackling a similar situation in your town/locality? Please leave your comments behind.

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