Apron – A recommended kitchen accessory

People in India working in the kitchen hardly use aids and accessories to their benefit. We had spoken about oven mitts sometime back and today we swing our attention to a more basic item – “the apron”.  


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An apron serves as a protective garment while performing the task of cooking. It reduces the chances of getting heavy stains and splashes on your dress while cooking or cleaning. Further, it also protects you from oil splashes and other such incidents which can occur in the kitchen. The oil spill is a risk especially for Indian women who wear “Saree” because a lot of skin in the abdomen region is exposed while cooking.

The apron also enhances the hygiene value and is well appreciated by guests and family members. It does a wonderful task of protecting your clothes from wear and  tear too. Aprons are also very practical. They have pockets for storing some items which could be required at the time of cooking. The aprons used for kitchen purposes are made from either oil cloth or PVC. We also get aprons made from other material like cotton in the market. Make sure you choose the right one based on the climatic and cooking conditions in your home.

Encouraging people to use aprons while cooking and serving is a good practise. It goes well with being considered as modern and conscious. Aprons are pretty simple to use too. The piece is slipped onto the neck with the cloth being on the front and then the two ribbons are taken to one’s back and tied into a bow-tie knot. Upon completion of task, the apron is removed by undoing this knot and slipping the apron out through one’s neck.

Let us know if you use aprons and share your experiences with us on this.

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