Orient PSPO Technology explained


Orient Fans India floated a new buzz word in the industry called “PSPO”. The advertisements and branding efforts of the company are centred around this technology. This article tries to tell what exactly is PSPO all about.


PSPO is the latest advance in Air Supply Technology which improves aspects of fans such as the aerodynamic, the principles of electro mechanics and the theory of air displacement. PSPO makes it possible to deliver MORE AIR over the LARGER AREA at the LESSER ELECTRICITY COST.

The Principle of PSPO

The key operational principle behind PSPO is based on gradual observations of incremental air displacement with minute changes of either of the two twist angles along with changes of lift angles in innumerable combinations to arrive at the optimum design. But increase in air displacement has to be matched by the efficiency of the motor.Orient engineers developed an advanced new motor that achieved the correct balance with the blade design. It is this factor which is at the core of the latest “Air Supply Technology”.

What do the initials PSPO stand for ?

They stand for the Peak Speed Performance Output.
It is sum total of these factors that delivers the promise. More air everywhere.


Image Courtesy : orientfansindia.com

Improvements have been made in many aspects of the fan’s design as shown in the picture below:


Image Courtesy : orientfansindia.com
To read about the advantages of PSPO in detail, please visit : http://www.orientfansindia.com/pspo_elements.htm

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