Loft or no Loft at home?

The word “loft” itself is under question here. We are not sure if it is the right word to describe what we have in mind. But since so many people use it, we thought of using the same here.

By Loft, we are referring to a concrete slab under the roof which extends to maybe 1.5 or 2 feet from the wall and creates a shelf like space close to the roof.

People have this built specifically to dump unnecessary stuff. Usually lofts are built in the bedrooms and also the kitchen. For that portion of the room, the height of the roof is obviously lower. And generally people tend to cover the lofts with some doors made of wood or plywood to hide all the mess which exists behind.

So, hoping that you got the general idea of what a “loft” is, we move on to the article. (it was really impossible to find a picture on google images for this. we hope to put up some pics in the comments section later)

Lofts are really a useful feature if you have a lots of stuff to store and do not want to dump them on the ground. However lofts also give you an excuse to collect junk and never allows you to throw away or dispose off stuff. Ideally planned, your home should do just fine without lofts in 3 or 4 rooms.

Lofts really take away the visual appeal of your room. The biggest problem is that since they are unattended, they gather hell of a lot of dust and are perfect place for pests to grow.

So unless you absolutely have to store away stuff, do not opt for a loft at your home. Let your room breathe easy. It would also give a uniform look and feel to your entire home as navigating through rooms would not give the visitors a cramped feeling.

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