Careeba Comfort – Bath tub from Parryware

Bath tubs are not for everyone. Neither does one have the space these days to install one nor does our culture bring the habit of using in a bath tub.

And if you didn’t already realize, the costs are quite high for these products. And the biggest disadvantage is the amount of water required for just one person!

Well, that was a list of all the “Cons” of using a bath tub. An interesting way to start an article.

But there are always two sides to a coin. Taking bath in a bath tub is a more thorough experience of cleaning one self. Not many people realize that just as utensils which are cleaned better when left immersed in water, the human body also is cleansed better when immersed in water for some time. The skin actually shrinks a bit and makes it easier to wash away external dirt and grime which has got deposited on our bodies for a long time. Typical showering actually doesn’t clean the body much. In our busy lives, the quick 5 minute shower actually does no good.

Using scented candles and listening to music while being immersed in a bath tub can also be an experience which calms our stressed minds.

In case you want one, make sure you have plenty of space in your bathroom, lots of water in your area and some extra money to install this piece at your home.

The product which we are talking about today is from “Parryware” and is part of their “Acrylic” bath tug range. The model under discussion is called “Careeba Comfort” and is made from acrylic material.


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Some of the features of this product are:

  • Classic design
  • Long, comfortable armrests
  • Moulded soap holders
  • Self-supporting base for easy installation
  • Made from imported colour sheets from UK
  • Standard – Ultra White, Silky Off White, Platinum Grey
  • Non Standard – Magenta, Alpine Blue


The product is available in two color options (standard and non standard):

Creeba Comfort 1680 X 730 X 440 mm   Cost : Rs. 11,000/- (Std)  
Creeba Comfort 1680 X 730 X 440 mm   Cost:  Rs. 12,000/- (Non-Std)  *

* – The price on the website is mentioned as Rs. 1,12,000/-  This seems to a typo and we have merely indicated what seems to be the right price for the non-standard colors.

All prices should be cross-checked with the nearest showroom for accuracy and appropriate local taxes if applicable.

Please note that the Bath tub is incomplete without a faucet system and other accessories such as a bath curtain and floor mats. We would try and cover some of these in the coming days. We have already covered floor mats here.

Product dimensions are shown below. Click on the image to enlarge.


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