Is is the right time to buy a flat television?

This article is just a food for thought. Today there are numerous deals out there which offer you the best of both worlds if you want to purchase a flat television. By flat television we are referring to the LCD and Plasma display televisions and not the flat screen CRT TV which is sometimes confused with the former.

Let us look at this objectively:

a) Need

The real need for a flat television is when you have the content which can be displayed on it to enjoy the quality. Let us face it. Buying a LCD or Plasma TV with your source being a normal cable television is a big overkill. It is like purchasing a BMW and driving it on kerosene. Unless you already have At-least a DTH or plan to get one, do not purchase a flat TV.

Alternatively you need to have a DVD player which gives you a full HD output. Please note that only original DVD would give you a resolution which can be experienced and appreciated on a large screen TV. If you are looking to play your 60 rupee DVD having 5 movies on a disc, the large screen TV would be a huge disappointment. You will see more pixels than ever and probably throw up!

b) Space constraints

If you have a home where space is of ultra importance and you have the items which we mentioned in the previous category then the flat television maybe an option for you. Again you need to have some money to throw around. The flat televisions are still not affordable to the masses. So unless the need is really pressing, hold on to your purchase.

c) Second TV

If you already have a CRT TV and are tempted by offers or peer pressure, you should absolutely hold on from buying a new flat television. CRT televisions are built to last. So unless you do not have a TV already at home, do not go for a new one.

d) Own House/Rented House

You may wonder why this is even a reason for debate. Well – flat televisions are best placed on the wall. It requires a custom installation from experts and could cost you a small amount of money for installation. Besides you would need to drill the wall and so on. So unless you OWN the home, we would recommend you hold the purchase of the television. Of-course if you have the content, the money and a great landlord/lady, go ahead and buy one!

e) Costs are always dropping

This should be one of the biggest reasons to hold off a purchase. All the offers you see are an attempt by shopkeepers to dispose off their stock. That is why prices fall in the first place for existing goods. But what will see the plummet of prices for this appliance is the supply-demand ratio. Currently not many consumers purchase a flat screen TV because the prices are high. But with advancement in technology and improved production rates and not to mention competition, prices are bound to decrease. This would mean more people buying the product and in turn the prices would be driven down further as the overall market demand goes up and brings the cost of raw materials down.

The bottom line is that television content over cable is of poor quality and also in standard resolution (640×480). Seeing this on the large screen would be a bad experience. If you have a DTH connection or a huge collection of original DVD with a player having HD connectivity, then the flat screen maybe worth a purchase. But then only if this is not your second TV and you are already owning a home of yourself! Further wall mounting means planning all the attachments associated with your flat screen TV like the DVD player, speakers, home theatre and so on. So be careful before you take a plunge!

If you find this article useful or have any comments on it, please let us know 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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