Glass is an elegant serving dish. It has been used for a long time in Indian homes. Before the advent of plastic, glass was a popular serving dish in every home. Even the water stored in the refrigerator was bottled in glassware. Glass is not only classy but also more hygienic and safe than plastic. Of-course the downside is that it is expensive and fragile.


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Did you know that there is a wide variety of glassware which you can adopt for your home?

  • Alcohol based glassware – This would include beer glassware, wine glassware,  shot glassware etc.
  • Tumbler glassware – this is referred to by multiple names such as Collins glassware, highball glassware etc.
  • Iced tea glassware – also used to serve cold coffee and lassi!
  • Juice glass – specifically for serving fresh juices (also tetra-pack juices 🙂 )
  • Glass cups – for serving coffee and tea. These usually come with saucers.
  • Jugs/Pitchers – These are used to pour the liquid into the glasses and are equipped with a spout for easy pouring.

Virtually every utensil can be created with glass. Examples are serving plates, bowls, ice-cream cups and more…..

Glass is also highly suitable for microwave oven usage unlike plastic which as to be a special grade material.

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