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Having purchased a new laptop today (review coming soon), I cannot help thinking that why would someone actually need a desktop which takes 5 times the space and probably costs just a little less.


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Lets face it. Today every square centimeter of space in our homes count. Desktop computers are still very very clumsy to manage. Agreed, we have finally come to an era where 80% of the footprint of the PC has reduced thanks to the LCD monitors, but still the desktop PC is still a nightmare. Here is why:

  • Two power cords, one for the CPU, one for the monitor
  • External speakers with more wires to handle + a power brick of its own
  • External Mic – more cables running around
  • Mouse and Keyboard – another pair of cables running to the CPU
  • Webcam – another peripheral which needs wires to hook it up to the PC
  • Network cable – you do need internet connection right?
  • Modem – with incoming phone lines and more power bricks
  • A power strip to manage all these connections
  • A UPS – to let you save your work in case of a power cut

That is a long list right?

One alternative is to buy expensive desktops which solve the issues of wires by building everything inside, but the laptops are a much better and cheaper option.

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Today laptops with basic features are available from 25,000 rupees and upwards. The best part is that you do not have to invest in a UPS. Laptops have built in battery. And for that regular email, web surfing and music, laptops are a great machine. Even for gamers there are laptops which can meet their needs.

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