“Essentials” -Bread Toaster from Morphy Richards – Review & Cost

Today we review a product from Morphy Richards. It is a bread toaster and is the very basic model offered by the company in India. It is called “Essentials 2 Slice”.

The product is available in two colors – White and Yellow.  

We have the yellow version at home. The website places the price between Rs. 1250 and Rs. 1400. The prices can vary from state to state and local taxes may be additionally applicable.

You can see the product pictures below:

Essentials 2 Slice-

Essentials 2 Slice-white

Salient Features of this product

  • Cool touch body
  • Vari-width toasting chamber with bread  centering guides
  • High lift facility for smaller sized breads
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Anti skid feet
  • Cord winder
  • Electronic variable browning control
  • Cancel function
  • Available in yellow and white colours
  • 900 watts

Essentials 2 Slice-2

Seen above : The toast variable browning control with a cancel button.

Essentials 2 Slice-3

Seen above : The lift button for smaller bread slices.


Toasted bread is great. Butter and cheese taste better with toasted bread and we have to admit, dipping toasted bread in tea is a delicious way to eat!

This particular toaster from Morphy Richards would attract people for its “no nonsense” design. The body is not stainless steel (thank god for that) which makes it look so cool. The cord winding mechanism at the bottom is a neat way to store it when not in use.

The unit is not very heavy. The website says it weighs slightly over a kilo and a half. We find it particularly not good. What we mean to say is that it could carry a little more weight to give it a steadier placement on the table.

The width of each bread chamber is wide enough to accommodate all thicknesses of bread. From the pre-sliced ones to the thicker breads, it would fit them all.

Using the product is pretty simple. You adjust your browning requirements on the dial. There is a small pointer next to the numbers. This is pretty much like mixer grinder speed selection knobs. you place the slices of bread into the compartments and press the level on the side all the way down till it locks up.

Upon the completion of the timer, the bread would pop out all toasted. If your slices are small, you could use the same lever to extract them by lifting the lever up. Caution should be exercised while lifting the breads as the contents are extremely hot. Also you may end up touching the metal which is also very hot. We recommend that you use tongs to remove the bread from the machine.

One problem with all bread toasters is that they collect a lot of bread crumbs. This unit has a removable tray which collects all the crumbs and can be easily cleaned up. Occasionally you may need to invert the unit and shake it if required.

The only drawback which we could think of in this unit is that the browning control is a little hard to master. Too less a setting and your bread just warms up. Too high a setting and you get a black toast which has to be thrown away. Getting the balance is tough and can depend on various factors.

For emergencies there is an eject button next to the dial, which when pressed would pop out the bread slices irrespective of the timer settings. This could be used if you smell your bread is burning.

Apparently this is one of the 8 models from the company which you can choose from. We wrote about this first as we have the unit at our home. For the complete list of toasters, please visit the following link:


 All Images courtesy : www.morphyrichardsindia.com

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