Wind-Chime : Stress busters for your home


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These inexpensive instruments can really create a serene atmosphere at your home. Wind Chimes, also known as Aeolian chimes are a decorative/purposeful devices for home use.

Typically, the chimes are a group of tubes of different lengths made of wood, steel or other metals. Sometimes even glass is used. These tubes along with a strike piece are suspended by a chord. The varying length of the tubes produces different tones when struck by a rubber or wooden hammer. Usually there is a flat surface just below the hammer (suspended by the same chord) which serves to deflect the “wind”.

On arrival of wind, the flat surface and the attached chord/hammer move around striking the various tubes producing random music!

These can really lighten the mood of the room when there is silence and it can be quite entertaining. The most common place to suspend a wind chime is the spare fan hook that may be available on your roof. Try one if do not have one already at home.

You can read more about wind chimes from the Wiki article here.

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