Mini Bar at home – How to make one for Indian homes – Part 2

We had a small write up on 29th March about mini bar at home. Today we go into the accessories….with illustration.

Ice Bucket

icebucket  champagnebucket

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Ice buckets are essential for a mini bar as most drinks need ice cubes. The exceptions are beer and certain types of liqueurs. The other category of ice buckets are used to keep the whole bottle of wine or champagne immersed in. You can see the later in the 2nd image on top. Ice buckets which are used to store ice cubes are well insulated so that the ice does not melt.

Ice Tong

What goes with the ice bucket is the apparatus use to extract the ice and deliver them into your drink – ICE TONGS.

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Cocktail Mixer

When it comes to making your favourite cocktail, the mixer is an indispensable tool. They are available in stainless steel and also glass. They are equipped with a lid. The contents are poured into the mixer, the lid is closed and shaken vigorously letting a tasty cocktail being developed inside. Herbs, spices and even fruit bits can be added to the cocktail along with juices, water, cola…Its upto your imagination really!

cocktailmixer cocktailmixer2

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Once the cocktail has been shaken, it has to be poured into the glass of your choice. But it cant just be dumped into the glass. Usually the cocktail has lots of residue in it like fruit peaces, ice cubes, mint leaves etc..To stain them out we use – the “strainer”.

strainer1   strainer2

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The strainer shown on the right hand side is a more professional one which has a rolled wire around the corners. These are to hold the ice cubes from falling into your cocktail.


You need a small and effective knife to slice lemon, orange and other citrus fruits which are decorated on cocktail glasses. Also they can be used to slice other items like fruits.


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Napkins and Coasters

coaster napkin

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Coasters can be made or cardboard, plastic, wood, metal or even glass. But they are very good at protecting your precious furniture from getting stained with rings. Plus, they make the task of cleaning up very easy. You don’t have to wipe the table for rings, some of them which take ages to go!

Napkins are a good accessory in a mini bar for people to clean up, dispose bones from the chicken wings! and clean up mess if it happens. We strongly recommend this for your mini bar.

Bottle/Wine Openers

We have seen in many parties, people fumble for a bottle opener and end up using window sills and even teeth to open beer bottles. Adding a bottle and/or a wine opener is certainly recommended to avoid injury and accidents during opening adventures!

bottle opener wineopener

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Article to continue…….

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