Beat the heat – Earthen Pot – Green way to drink chilled water

This article was going to yet another appliance oriented one. One, where we were going to just introduce another mundane electrical device which would cool your water. Isn’t it the right time to right this article? Summer is about to peak in almost all parts on India!

So most of us just fill bottles of water and store it in the refrigerator and drink it after a while. Today we are going to give to a better deal – earthen pots…A wonderful way to cool drinking water and without consuming any electricity whatsoever.


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Called “Matka” in Hindi and “Mann Paanai” in Tamil, earthen pots are the most effective way to cool water to just the right temperature. Unlike refrigerators which over-cool water, the pots cool them just right.

You don’t even have to fill bottles up. All you need to do is drink them right off the pot. The picture shown above actually even has a tap of its own ! Of-course you need to refill the pot occasionally.

How does an earthen pot cool water?

Evaporative Cooling

Assuming the earthenware pot absorbs some of the water in it (which it will if it is not sealed with a glaze or other coating), then the outside of the pot will be slightly moistened. As this moisture on the pot evaporates, the temperature of the pot is reduced due to evaporative cooling (same way sweat cools the body). This cooling effect will keep the temperature of the pot lower then it would otherwise be. This effect will only work as long as the outside of the pot is kept moist.

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So – to contribute to a greener India, how about getting one of these pots today for your home? Would reduce your electricity bills too!

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