Door Eye / Magic Eye – Security device for your main door

When someone knocks on your front door or rings the calling bell, one normally has to guess who the person could be. But if we analyze this from a security aspect, there are lot more risks associated with this “guessing game”.


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Enter – Door Eye / Magic Eye, a simple and practical solution to the problem. Most homes are probably already installed with one. Just in case yours is not, then this article is just the one for you.

A door eye is a device which only permits the occupant of the home to have a clear view of the outside world, while it restricts the person at the door (outside) from viewing into the home.

This is an upgrade to a simple peep hole where the stranger present outside is also able to see the interior of the home. The door eye also has in most cases what is called a “wide angle” lens arrangement. This makes it possible to actually get a good panoramic view of the outside and give a sound judgement to the home owner before opening the door.

Installation involves drilling a hole on your main door (as shown below) and mounting the magic eye within it. The second portion of the device is inserted from the inside of the door and screwed on till they fit tightly.


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The door eye is normally mounted at a height which is the country average for a man/woman. In India usually is mounted at a height of about five and a half feet from the ground level.

Sometimes children cannot be seen through the door eye and also ambient light is needed for good visibility. So having a corridor light is a good idea so that you can view your guests even in dark conditions.

It should be available in most hardware stores. We shall update what it would cost in the comments section. You are welcome to leave your comment or query too!

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