LG Slimagic Televisions – 29″/73cms models | India

LG India has two 29″ models in the Slim CRT category. The model numbers are:

  • 29FU1RG
  • 29FD7RGE

Our first take on the pictures shown online is that you really do not get a good grasp of the depth of the television. This is rather strange because rather than highlighting the USP of the model – “The depth”, the website is showing the front view!

The next thing between these two offerings is that, there is very little difference! However the prices are different. While the 29FU1RG costs Rs. 19,900/- (MRP as per the manufacturer’s website), the 29FD7RGE costs only Rs. 17,900/- (MRP as per the manufacturer’s website).

The dimensions of these televisions are as follows :

  • 29FU1RG – 792 x 390 x 695
  • 29FD7RGE – 796 x 399 x 600
  • (W x D x H) (mm)

    The regular 29″ TV from LG has a depth starting from 590 mm. Therefore the Slimagic televisions are saving ~ 30% space as claimed by LG.

    As you can see there is little difference even in the dimensions. For the complete comparison, please visit manufacturer’s site -> Link

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