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Regardless of how much time you spend in your kitchen, you would probably agree that while the décor of a kitchen has no bearing on the kind of food that comes out of there; you would like it to look good. You consider it to be as much a part of the home, in terms of its requirement for basic visual appeal, as a bathroom or a study. If you are the one cooking, it would be even more wonderful to have a kitchen that keeps you cheerful while you cook.

However, redecorating a kitchen poses not only a practical problem but also a financial one. The mere thought of giving it a new look sends the bank balance on a spin. But there are ways and means of achieving a spanking new, designer kitchen without actually tearing it down and starting afresh. The best part is, you do not really have to do it all in one go. The kitchen makeover in EMI is a real option. The choices are yours.

I am outlining below some basic tips which can be achieved at a fairly low cost. If your budget permits you could even splurge on some aspects and budget on the rest. Whichever way works for you. The point to remember is to conceive a look which would be significantly different from the existing one. Where everything fits into a storyboard and you forget the jigsaw puzzle that was.


Paint your cabinets in a different colour or finish , to give the kitchen a completely different look. You can use a combination of two colours to liven up that space, or even get some borders and colourful motifs on the panels.

Adding an interesting moulding on the cabinetry would transform the entire kitchen as would changing the handles and knobs.It is fairly simple to do and achieves the change at a low cost.You could choose from a wide variety of options available at the sanitaryware store, which range from colourful accents to ornate handles. Turn one cabinet into a display by replacing the door with a glass one, installing a light fixture inside and displaying some nice crockery or a decorative jar.Do not forget to paint the walls in the kitchen in a completely different colour as well, to complement your new cabinets and complete the picture.


Bring in the light. Get a whole new set of light fixtures from overhead lights, to task lighting and perhaps even an accent light to give your kitchen a spanking new look. It takes one trip to a lights store and a few hours job for an electrician. Remove every tubelight in sight that does not have a proper fixture.A lot of fairly nice looking yet inexpensive options are available in the market. You may also want to put a panel of lights on the ceiling rather than focusing all the fixtures on walls.If you use white light in the kitchen try out a complete new look in yellow light. It is much softer and if you want more light use more fixtures, not necessarily white light. Especially in a kitchen where there isn’t enough natural light.


A window, whether it is a big one or a small one should be dressed up in a colourful fabric using a soft treatment to add warmth to a cooking space. We tend to think fabrics are unsuitable in kitchens as they get stained, greasy and dirty easily. Yes, they do; but you could put something fairly cheap and easily washable to liven up the space.


Changing the countertop is not easy on the pocket, but there are several options that work well for the budget decorator. You do not need a granite top for the counter to look good. A lot of laminated options work just as well, at a fraction of the cost. All the counters do not have to be in the same material either. You could be creative and combine materials in a manner that makes it appear to be a conscious choice and not a wallet determined exercise. A nice decorative tile border running above the counter would make the kitchen seem a lot more ‘cheerful’


If you have the money, pay some attention to the flooring. You need not just think about vinyl, you can explore tile and laminate options as well, which do not cost all that much but transform the look of the space completely.


A nice new chimney could be something else you could think about that is useful and also would change the look of the kitchen, if you opt for a different type. When you go out shopping drop into a store that stocks plastic containers and jars and see how much it would cost you to get a set to replace all the ones you currently have on display in your kitchen.


You would be surprised how something as simple as that can make your kitchen look completely different. Small things but well coordinated with everything around them are all it takes to change the look of your kitchen. Hang up some colourful coffee mugs, nice wall plates, a bright clock,some interesting art and add bright flowers in small pots near the window –the place looks all that more inviting.

Basically, if you have a small kitchen, use the wall directly opposite the entrance door to create some drama and make a statement. Make sure things are stored in cabinets and not lying all over the place. Pay attention to colour and small aesthetic detailing to bring in some softness and visual appeal.

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