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DIY or Do It Yourself is a concept that’s very popular in developed countries. However, the same has not caught up in India and I haven’t seen all those many people trying to make or even fix stuff on their own for that matter. I don’t see any real reason to this. We have our education system to blame ofcoure. But the mind set can be changed. It’s just that when we first start out to do something on our own and fail at it, we give up. Sometimes the results could be disastrous. It’s always advisable to have some first hand knowledge before getting down to working on things. But then as the saying goes, “Practise makes perfect”. So, only by repeatedly working on something can we master it.

People in America, build bikes and entire houses on their own. It’s high time we started out with smaller things at-least, like fixing that leaky flash or faucet in your toilet.

We can broadly divide Do It Yourself home projects into,

  • Carpentry – All the wood work. Like a jammed door during rainy season

  • Plumbing – Your faulty faucets and the like

  • Civil – Brick and mortar.

  • Electrical – All the wiring

We could also add furnishing, painting, interior decortion…etc to the list.

None of them are simple and one must particularly be careful when using machines. But having said that, extra care must be taken when using electrical equipment. Which is why it is probably best to call the technicians to install electrical equipments, wiring…etc.

Also, we have to make sure that we have the right tools and know about what materials to use. Using the wrong tools or wrong materials could result in not so desirable results. A trip to the local hardware store to get supplies is inevitable and it’s always better to check the rates with a few stores before going in to buy things.

I for one have always wanted to try my hand at carpentry. Wood is easy to work with compared to plumbing or civil work and definitely less risky compared to electrical work. And it’s fun too. It’s actually not all that hard to make a small table or something.


If you have experience in repairing things in your house, or building stuff, then do let us know. We would love to know that readers in India are actually into DIY. We will also try and cover some simple household tricks that can be tried and will be useful to everyone, in forthcoming posts. So, go on get your hands dirty…

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