RFID Based locks from Godrej – Keyless entry for Indian Homes

Technology seems to be going to the next level for practically every home appliance or accessory today. Even the door locks are not left behind in this trend. During the recent architect expo which was held in Chennai, we came across RFID based locks which were really amazing. Here is the story.

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These locks have two ways to open the door. The first is with a traditional key. You put in the key into the slot, twist and open the door.

The second involves flashing the RFID tag (also called the key) at the door and presto, your door lock opens. All you need to do is push the handle and swing it open.

You may ask what are the advantages of such a feature. For starters, you need not fumble for the key slot in the dark. It is more convenient especially for elder people. And RFID allows you to have certain features which conventional keys do not offer.

1) Master key and Normal key – Here the RFID keys are of two types. The first one is the master key which is used to provide complete access to the home. The master key also enables the home owner to program “normal” keys which are given out to say, house maids, other occupants of you house etc.

2) Complete control – Master key can be used to enable disable “normal” keys anytime. Say that you and your family are going on a vacation, and you do not want your maid to gain access to you home. You can disable all the “normal” keys before you leave and have complete peace of mind. Once you are back, you can turn the access on again.

3) Passage mode – Normally, the RFID based locks opens and again automatically locks itself after a timeout of say 20 seconds (for example – not actual value). But say you are having a function at home, you do not want the door to lock automatically every-time. At this time, you can enable what is called a “passage” mode where the auto lock does not take effect.

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Seen above is the range of RFID locks from Godrej which varies from around Rs. 4000 to around Rs. 10,000.

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Shown above is one of the locks which has two colored RFID keys. We believe that the red colored one is the master key, while the blue colored one is the normal key. We also think that the number of keys that comes with the lock is customizable.

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Shown above is the lock for the even more security conscious people. This model features a pin pad where you can enter a secret pin code in addition to waving the RFID key! This model is one of the expensive ones around.

All the units have a battery inside. These batteries can be changed from inside the home. There is a low battery indicator according to Godrej. Just to be sure, it is always good to have the traditional keys on the same key chain as the RFID key!

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