Some Modular Kitchen Concepts from Architect Expo

Here are some interesting modular kitchen concepts. The first one is a classic “island” kitchen with two distinct rows. As you can see in the first picture on the left the cooking/preparation area is accessible from both sides. This could be useful if you have more than one person trying to cook 🙂

The second photo on the right shows the second portion of the kitchen(partially seen in the first picture too). This is primarily the storage area for raw material and cutlery.

Concept A-1 Concept A-2

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This kitchen has a 5 burner hob integrated into the counter top with a good electric chimney on top. The second portion also features the sink for cleaning soiled dishes and plates.

Concept B-1

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The image above is a “L” shaped kitchen. It has a conventional cook top as opposed to a Hob which would go into the counter-top. Nice shelves for storing glasses and an overall a good contrast of colors – Red and White.

We don’t know what an office chair is doing in a kitchen though! On the left you can see a traditional oven built into the unit. The sink however is missing in this concept. Perhaps since it is an exhibition, they didn’t show it for this particular concept.

Do notice the color of the crockery! That too is red. Some way to match the colors eh?

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