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We had earlier written about “Home Gym/Indoor Fitness Equipment” This is a continuation of the post.

These go by various names. Stationary Bicycle, Stationary Cycle, Stationary Bike, Exercise Bikes, Indoor Bikes, Studio Cycles.

They enjoy the following Advantages over the Treadmill:

  • It takes us lesser floor space compared to treadmills.
  • Cheaper than treadmills. (Considerably)
  • Most people feel that cycling is easier compared to walking or running. Hence chances that they will lose interest after a while are lesser. (Particularly if you are one of those people who are not very driven in life.)
  • Since you can be seated, you can actually do some other activity like watching the TV or reading music or reading a book or maybe even listening to music (portable player)

  • They do not have any adverse effects on the knees and ankles. (Typically seen with cycling and jogging.)

Types of Stationary Bicycles:

The three different types of exercise bikes are the Upright Bike, the Recumbent Bike and the Spinner. The upright bike is the normal model and looks pretty much like a normal cycle sans wheels. The recumbent model has a plush couch like seat.

Exercise Cycle-01 

(Picture: Courtesy here )

Exercise Cycle-02 (Recumbent)

(Picture: Courtesy here)

Also, depending on the Resistance mechanisms used, they can be categorized into Magnetic and Friction. Magnetic types tend to produce less noise and hence are slightly more expensive.

Features of Stationary Bikes:

  • Most cycles have variable resistance settings which make it tougher to cycle. This is equivalent to a non-motorized Treadmill and can be interpreted as cycling on an incline.

  • Some models allow backward pedaling for overall workout.

  • Heart rate control can be found in a few models.

  • Adjustable Riding Position where a user can alter the height, etc.

  • Built in body fat loss, calories burnt and heart rate indicator.

Vendors in India:


1.I am planning to invest either in a Treadmill or a Stationary Bicycle. Which one should I go for?

Answer:      It’s actually hard to make this choice. Both are equally good. If you are short of floor space in your house, then go for the Stationary Cycle. Also, if you have never jogged, walked before, it’s always a good idea to go for the Bicycle. Walking or Jogging on a treadmill requires more drive mentally if you are not regular. However, if you have been a regular at walking or jogging and can no longer go out for various reasons, the Bike is not for you. Go for the treadmill.

2. I want to buy and Exercise Cycle/Treadmill. How do I make a choice?

Answer:      First check your local stores for availability of various brands. Budget is an important factor. Narrow down on the models which fall within your budget. You could also use the internet to find out about models. We offer links to the same above.

However, when buying fitness equipment, comfort is the main deciding factor. If it’s not comfortable, chances are either you won’t use it or worse still, it can affect your health. Since these things typically cost in 4 digits (a few thousand rupees at least), it’s a good idea to give it a trial run. It’s even better if you can maybe workout for a week or so at a local gym on the model you want to buy. (The Gym fee for a month is worth the investment, if it helps you choose the right equipment.) Don’t take this lightly. You might not like the way your equipment works after buying it and that will be an awful waste of money. Warranty is also an important consideration.

3. What should I keep in mind while using the Exercise Cycle?

Answer:      First is, have a regular schedule. Any weight loss program or exercise program for that matter will not work, unless you are consistent. So be regular. Draw up a schedule and follow it no matter what. Also while using the Pedals, always make sure your feet are inside the flap. Otherwise, angle injuries can be nasty. While using treadmills, wear good footwear.

4. I have a nice neighborhood where I can cycle or maybe even jog. However, I feel I won’t go outdoors as I am lazy. Will buying Home Fitness Equipment solve this issue as I will have to workout then?

Answer:     If we were advertising for bicycles and treadmills here, then we would say yes. But then, we are not. So the answer sadly is, a No. It’s always a better idea to go outdoors if you have the right kind of environment. Fitness equipment is only an alternative. If you are lazy, chances are you will lose steam with fitness equipment too. And now you will have it sitting there in your house, taking up extra floor space.

5. Where do you reckon, I should put my fitness equipment in my house?

Answer:      Well, it’s hard to say. It can be put anywhere as long as it doesn’t spoil the aesthetics too much or obstructs access to other things. It’s a good idea to have good ventilation wherever you place it. Good ventilation does not necessarily mean Air-Conditioning. Open places are also ok, but make sure your equipment won’t be stolen.

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