Modular Kitchen Concepts from our reader (3D) – Part 2

On February 18 , we had covered a user contribution Modular Kitchen Concepts from our reader (3D) – India.

We had asked for some feedback on these images, and received very little if not none. Today we will present our views on these images and we hope that these could fuel some ideas for your dream modular kitchen.

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The first image shows the entrance to the kitchen. Here the kitchen is a dedicated room as opposed to certain designs where the kitchen and dining area could be seamless. You can see that the front wall is transparent for visualization purposes. You can see the outline of the main kitchen door also in this image.

You can see two rows of modular arrangement. One on the left and the other on the right with the pathway in between leading to the window at the other end of the room. On the left you can see a cooking hob on the counter top and briefly see the chimney hood also. On the right you can see a lot of cabinets with red color handles.

Moving on to the second image, this shows the top perspective view of the kitchen. The main entrance is to the right and the window is to the left. What is now seen in this picture is the sink (washing area) of the kitchen – one of the most important facets of this room. The hob and the chimney are visible with a bit more clarity. Above the sink you can see a cage like structure. Kannan tells us that this is a drip tray kind of an arrangement where the cleaned vessels will be drained of remaining water directly into the sink. A good idea.

The white structure which is seen on the top right corner is the refrigerator. The feedback that I have here is that the kitchen door should ONLY OPEN OUTWARD. If it is not designed so and opens inwards, it is going to collide with the fridge’s opening.

On the top side of the picture, we can see a spare counter top. This is the place where on can use mixer grinders, sandwich makers, microwave ovens and similar items. The large cabinet that is seen in between the sink and the alternate counter top is a mega storage unit which also serves to keep the water splash away from the remaining kitchen.

The last image shows the top perspective view from the other side. Now the main entrance is visible on the left hand side. The 4 burner hob with its control knobs is more clearly visible now. So is another window which was previously hidden in the other views.

Some things which are not shown in the picture but are essential for the kitchen are:

  • Lighting schemes
  • Exhaust fan (if required)
  • Place for storing LPG Cylinder
  • What kind of flooring surface is going to be used?

We invite comments from all of you for this post. Keep them coming.

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