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You probably have a computer at home and checking “aavaas” online. Chances are that you use a desktop and not a notebook computer. And if that last part which we wrote is true, than you atleast have 2 power cables to plug in. One belongs to the CPU and the other to the monitor. (There is a possibility that you have an old computer where the monitor gets plugged into the CPU!)

Ok, enough of cryptic clues. Let us just cut to the chase. There is every chance that you have a “Power Brick / Spike buster” installed at your home. It is a simple device which creates multiple power sockets for you to plug in devices like PC, monitor etc…..

They are also called as extension boxes. They come in rectangular shape with the cord left outside or in a circular shape where the cord can be coiled by turning the face plate. (retractable cable system)

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The company which is mentioned above is MDR ELECTRONICS whose products are sold under the brand/name – “MX”

You have perhaps seen their logo or even are using their product.


You should visit their website as they have an amazing array of products which even we were not aware of!

The website doesn’t deserve much credit, but the products seems to be good.

To see the complete list, click the link below:

Product List

Auto Antenna Connectors
Audio-Video & Computer Cords
BNC Connectors & Reverse Polarity Series
BT-43 Connector
4mm & 2mm BANANA  (BERYLLIUM COPPER) Connectors & Leads
Cable TV & ‘F’ Connectors, Tap-off, Splitters etc & Accessories.
Computer Connectors
Conversion Plugs & Multiplug Sockets
Crocodile Battery Clips
Cat.5e, Cat.6, Networking & Telephone Accessories
EMI Suppression Cores & Balun series
Easy Magic Cable Ties & Plastic Closure Pipe
Fiber Optic Connectors,  Attenuators, Pigtails, Patch Cords & Couplers
Fiber Optic Accessories
FME Connectors & Cords
Fuse Holders & Battery Containers
DMI/DVI Cords, Connectors, Repeater, Switches, Extenders & Splitters
Heat Shrinkable Tubes
IEEE 1394 Connectors & Cords
Multifunction Testers
MCX Connectors & Cord
MMCX Connectors & Cords
‘N’ Connectors & Reverse Polarity Series
Scart Connectors & Cords
SMA Connectors, Cords & Reverse Polarity Series
SMB Connectors & Cords
Soldering Irons, De-soldering Irons, De-soldering Pump & Accessories
Test Leads
TNC Connectors & Reverse Polarity Series
Twinaxial Connectors
Tools (Stripper & Cutters)
UHF & Mini UHF Connectors
Universal Spike Protectors & Extension Box
XLR Connectors
1.6/5.6 Connectors
1.2/2.3 Connectors
7/16 DIN Connectors
Usb Plugs, Socket, Adaptors & Cords

Long list eh?

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