Oven Mits – Use them to avoid scalding and accidents in Kitchen

Today’s post is more of a tip. Perhaps some of you already know about Oven Mits. But then, some of you may not…..Essentially, Oven mits are gloves, worn so that the user is protected by the intense heat of vessels while being taken out of a oven (conventional or microwave).

Oven Mits

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Unlike gloves which have a covering for each finger, the mits are designed to only have the thumb move around while the rest of the fingers are grouped together.

Using an oven mits has obvious advantages. You do not hurt your hands by subjecting them to intense heat. You also make sure your precious dish is not spilt, your expensive glass bowel does not slip and break…..The later alone can cause more damage. Example glass pieces can injure people if not cleaned properly.

So, it would make sense to use these mits to fetch the vessel after job completion from the oven. The mits are usually “one size fits all” type. But while purchasing make sure you get a good feel to it. Else try changing the size (if available).

Mits are more practical than using a cloth to take the vessel out. Since they are a part of you hand, they do not slip like conventional cloth. Also they are multi-layered which gives you extra protection from heat. Traditional cloth can quickly become hot forcing you to place the vessel quickly and draw your hands from the source of heat.

So, if you have an oven at home already, or if you are planning to get one – Get a pair of mits along with it. Enjoy cooking without worrying !!

have a great weekend everyone.

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