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Started in 1955 by Professor Abramo Galassi, Faber has established itself as a global brand. The company’s first product was an extraction hood and was created in 1963. Extraction hood is another term for electric chimney. Today Faber is present in around 14 countries spanning 3 continents.


Faber is present in India too and manufacturers/sells the following products:

  • Hoods
  • Hobs
  • Cook tops
  • Ovens
  • Cooking ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • Kitchen sinks


Hoods are nothing but electric chimneys. We have covered about this here and here.

Faber has 18 models listed on their website. Clearly hoods are their USP.


Hobs are devices which are fitted into the kitchen surface (for example granite slab). The slab is first cut out and the hob fits into this space. The advantage of this is that there is no space under the cooking device (as it would be with a conventional stove) and gives a clean and aesthetic look to one’s kitchen. A sample image is shown below.


Image Courtesy: betterdiy.com

Faber has 6 models listed on their website.

Cook Tops

Cook tops are traditional stoves. Just like hobs they also will operate using LPG gas. The only difference is that they sit on top of the counter and not fixed into it. They can be moved around quite easily.

Faber has 3 models listed on their website.


If you like to indulge in baking, roasting and other such activities for which a simple microwave oven wont do the job, then the traditional oven is the device for you. Care has to be taken to plan the installation of these ovens into your modular kitchen.

Faber has 3 models listed on their website.

Cooking Ranges

These are still a preferred choice for people who do not want to do too much rework for their kitchen. Cooking ranges offer a 3/4/5 burner cooking top with a oven built below it. They offer convenience of both devices in one unit. Sometimes they have wheels with which they can be moved around. They also need a LPG connection. A sample image is shown below.

Faber G4002AMDTX

Image Courtesy: Faber India

Faber has 9 models listed on their website.


This needs no further introduction. Faber has 4 models listed on their website.

Kitchen Sinks

This needs no further introduction. Faber has 0 models listed on their website!

The official web site for Faber India is :


Toll Free Number for Faber India is : 1-800-233-4595

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