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We all hear the term “king size bed” and “queen size bed” often. The most common terms used in India are only “single bed” and “double bed”. So to make you choose appropriately, we decided to cover a small article on – Bed Sizes…

Note: All dimensions given below are for the mattresses. The bed maybe slightly larger.

Singe Bed

As the name suggests, suitable only for one person. Perfect for bachelors and also for guest rooms. For people who have full time servants at home, this is an option if you have a dedicated room for them.

The dimensions for a typical single bed are 91 cm X 191 cm. This is as per UK standards and we shall stick to this for the moment.

Double Bed or Full Bed

Though the name may hint that it is twice the size of the single bed, dimension-wise it is not. It measures 137 cm X 191 cm. So it is just one and a half times larger than a single bed. If you and/or your family members have a large body frame this is not the right choice for you. One immediate application we can think of for such size of a bed is that it would suit a mother who has had a just born baby.

Queen Size bed

This one measures around 152 cm X 198 cm and is larger than the double/full bed.

King Size bed

The king of all beds! It measures 183 cm X 198 cm. It is almost a perfect square in construction. Perhaps this would be the most comfortable and spacious one available.

Bed Sizes

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But, as we have discussed in the past, you need to strike a balance between wish and practicality. Planning the perfect bed, mattress , bed spreads, pillow and pillow covers are a part of setting your dream bedroom up!

Facts and figures for this article were looked up at Wikipedia. For complete details please read it here.

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