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We came upon this interesting product line from LG India today – Washer Dryer. Initially it sounded too good to be true, but – YES, there are two models from the company which can give you the convenience of a washing machine and a dryer without taking the space of two machines !!

Quoting from the manufacturer’s website:

Guaranteed 100% dry clothes and perfect washes regardless of the season. It’s revolutionary direct dry technology ensures perfect wash and less noise and vibrations.

Let us go into some details without further delay:

WD-12330 CDP

This model is the cheaper of the two available. Click picture below to enlarge.


Image Courtesy : LG India

The features are:

  • Washer & Dryer
  • Direct Drive Technology
  • High Spin Speed
  • Condensed Drying
  • Low Noise

The MRP for this product is Rs. 36,990/- but LG’s website lists the “buying” price as Rs. 34,990/-. We believe you may get it cheaper than the “buying” price mentioned online.

It is a little unclear so as to what the loading capacity of this machine is, as no where on the website is this detail mentioned.

What has been mentioned is the “drum volume” which is 42 L for this model.


This seems to be a little high-end machine to us. Although the brief specs online do not give any hint. We just assume that since it is more expensive, it has some advanced features. Please click on the image below to enlarge.


Image Courtesy : LG India

The MRP of this machine is Rs. 45,990/- but the buying price is Rs. 42,990/- The drum volume for this machine is 56 L.

Model : WD-12330 CDP

Detergent Chamber:  3 
Low Temperature:  Yes 
Less Dry:   Yes 
Remaining Time Display:  Yes 
More Dry:  Yes 
Time Dry:   Yes 
Normal Dry:   Yes 
Fault Diagnosis:  Digital Display 
Spin Speed:   400/600/800/1000/1200 RPM 
Control System:   Jog 
Door Diameter (mm):  300 
Programs / Sp. Options: 9/5 
Basic Programs:   Cotton, Delicate, Synthetic, Wool 
Door Type:  Round / Chrome 
Drum Volume (L):  42 
Quick 30:  Yes 
Handwash Program:  Yes 
Child Lock:  Yes 
Crease Care:   Yes 
Rinse Hold:   Yes 
Rinse Plus:   Yes 
Pre Wash:   Yes 
Intensive Wash:   Yes 
No Spin:   Yes 
Time Delay:   Yes 
No Of Display:   2 
Display Type:   18:88 
Temperature:   30 – 95 DEG 
Colour:    White

Model : WD-14331AD

Detergent Chamber:  3 
Low Temperature:  Yes 
Less Dry:   Yes 
Remaining Time Display:  Yes 
More Dry:   Yes 
Time Dry:   Yes 
Normal Dry:   Yes 
Fault Diagnosis:  Digital Display 
Spin Speed:   400/600/800/1000/1200/1400 RPM 
Time Delay:   Yes 
No Spin:   Yes 
Display Type:   18:88 
Temperature:   30 – 95 DEG 
Door Diameter (mm):  300 
Control System:   Jog 
Colour:    White 
Programs / Sp. Options:  9/5 
Basic Programs:   Cotton, Delicate, Synthetic, Wool 
Door Type:   Round / Chrome 
Drum Volume (L):  56 
Quick 30:   Yes 
Handwash Program:  Yes 
Child Lock:   Yes 
Crease Care:   No 
Rinse Hold:   Yes 
Rinse Plus:   Yes 
Pre Wash:   Yes 
Intensive Wash:   No 
No Of Display:   2

All information here is from manufacturer’s website

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