MX-216E Mixer Grinder from Panasonic India – Review

Today we step into the kitchen to cover a user review from one of our readers – Ms. Prabha from Chennai. Thanks to her for her inputs which would help many homemakers possibly choose this product.  


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The features of the product are mentioned below: 

Super Mixer Grinder

  • 3 Jars – Blender, Mill, Chutney Jar
  • 550W long lasting motor
  • Samurai Edge
  • Original hardened Salem SS blades
  • Magic Seal protection
  • Ultimate Grinding efficiency
  • Flow Breaker jars
  • Circuit Breaker protection

Review :

” I purchased this product from S.S. Annamalai stores in Thiruvanmiyur Chennai approximately 5 years back. At that time it cost me around 3000 rupees but today it should cost between 4000 to 5000 rupees.

The unit is compact in construction and offers good overall performance. The motor is of real good quality and has not given us any problems whatsoever. The operating knobs/switches are still intact and have not come off or feel loosened up. The unit operates with optimum noise. The key to reducing sound is that we should grind the right stuff and not overload the mixer.

It has 3 jars and the unit can store/dock 2 at a time. This is convenient in my opinion. There are no blades to change and no accessories to loose. 3 jars offer different purposes and keep the task simple and practical. The lid closes properly and doesn’t allow spillage of the item which is being ground. Again overloading can result in overflow. The rubber gaskets are of good quality and I have not changed them even once since I bought it.

I use the grinder for various purpose about 5 times a week. A lot of my review would reflect this amount of usage. At the rear of the unit, there is a nice wire management system by which you can wrap the power chord when not in use.

The unit is kind of pearl or off-white and has not faded over the years. The placement on table is rigid and the foot of the unit is well designed to operate without much vibration. The jars are easy to wash and the unit is easy to maintain.

Blades are of good quality. I really cannot think of any disadvantage for this unit except maybe the price. Overall the unit offers excellent value for money.”

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