Health Faucets for your Bathroom – Hygienic and Mess-free

Health faucets or Hygiene faucets are the perfect match for today’s commodes. They are a better option than traditional bucket and mugs! For those of you who are still at a loss of understanding, health faucets are pipes which expel water with which one can clean up after using the toilet.

In India, the tradition has been to use water as opposed to toilet paper like western people. Installing a paper dispenser is also an option for home owners. Having both the faucet and the paper dispenser is a good idea. Just make sure that you have paper stocked up in the dispenser.

Quite a few companies in India manufacture health faucets. These are made out of plastic or stainless steel. Some of them give you an option to control the spray intensity too.

The faucet is held by a gripping hand kind of a fitting which is fixed on the wall. Some sample images are shown below:

Hygi Spray  Johnson Pedder - Dura Spray

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Prices vary from brand to brand. Featured here are two products from Parryware India. The first picture on the left is called “Hygi Spray” and costs Rs 635 in Kerala and Rs. 550 in rest of India. The second picture on the right is called “Johnson Pedder – Dura Spray “, and costs Rs 190 in Kerala and Rs. 165 in rest of India.

Please note that there would be an extra cost attached to the purchase of the hose and fitting on the wall which typically includes a tap. The main purpose of this tap is to give you control in case the faucet malfunctions or there is a rupture in the hose.

The hose from Parryware is available in two sizes. 1.5 feet and 2 feet. Prices for the hoses ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 100.

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