Philips DVD Players – DVP 3166 & DVP 5490 | User comment & Review

Thanks to Pradeep for this comment posted in our earlier article “Philips DVD Players – DVP 3126,5986,3146,3166,5150 | Prices – India” on Jan 15 2008.


Over to Pradeep:

When I was in Kerala during the last week of December 2007, i decided to purchase a DVD player for my parents. We already have a Sony TV there and no other Hi-Fi component Deck / Music systems or home theater setup.

I was sampling the market there (Ernakulam / Kottayam). Please note that I did not go into any fancy showrooms. Just plain multi-brand dealers, ‘cos they seem to have better[more affordable :-) ] pricing !!

The most commonly displayed DVD players were from LG/Samsung/Philips/Sony among others.

I am not a fan of LG or Samsung. And was specifically looking for Sony or otherwise Philips. The DVD player that I was looking for need not have HDMI or in-built Amplifier, but i did want DivX Certified and an USB port.

Having a USB port is so useful. Just pop-in any USB storage device (mp3 players, flash drives, etc.) and you can browse through the folders to view photos, play mp3s and other audio(if supported) and mainly play Hi quality DivX-encoded content.

Sony does have a model (the model number escapes me now!), but is apparently not yet available in India.

Then I had to switch to a Philips make. There are 2 models here which provide USB (3166 and 5490). The 5490 also has HDMI and Ultra-DivX (Menus,Extra, etc.) and was available for INR 4,290. Since the DVD player was meant only for my parents and to use it along with the Sony TV(no HDMI), I decided to go in with the 3166 model. The price mentioned on the box is INR 4,490, the dealer (QRS -Kottayam) was giving it at INR 3,300. that seemed to be a reasonable price and so purchased it.

I then immediately tested it with all sorts of formats, and so far it has played everything I threw at it.

After coming back to Chennai, i was discussing this with my colleague and he informed me that he enquired on the same model, few weeks before me in either Viveks or S.S. Annamalai Enterprises (in Chennai), and they were selling it for around INR 2.800 !!!

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