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We got this query from our contact page. This post will look at addressing this query and also invite comments and suggestions from our readers.

My apartment is in the construction stage. Is is possible to have internal speaker wiring of the hometheater . I dont want wires running under the carpet or to go for another cabling which will be visible on the wall.

A home theatre can comprise of many components. Of these, speakers are the most important and ironically most difficult to place items. The query above is looking at getting the wiring part of it covered, so that people don’t trip over them, the expensive equipment is not ruined and above all, aesthetics of the home is maintained.

Let us get into some details. A typical home theatre equipment could either be a 5.1 system of a 7.1 system. The former contains 6 speakers while the later contains 8. If you have already chosen your system then you know how many speakers are in for installation and how many wires you need to handle.

Now, one of the best things you can you at your home at the time of construction is that you could lay PVC pipes within your wall and bring the other end at strategic places in your hall. Please see the picture below:

Home Theatre Wiring

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At the time of laying them out, you could have nylon chords inserted into PVC pipes so that the loose ends are visible at both the ends of the pipes. Once the construction is completed and the walls are ready, you would only see the nylon chords at the wall and on the floor/side walls where you have wanted them.

Once you move into your home, you could have the home theatre positioned the way you want and simply tie the wires to the nylon chords and pull gently from the other end. This way you can draw your cables at exactly the same spot (+/- few inches) where your speakers are going to be positioned.

This is one aesthetic way of setting up your home theatre especially if you are building your home right now and the final wall/floor has not yet been completed.

The other way is to have a reaper installed on the wall and lead the wire upto the speaker. This is not a very good looking solution but it is practical if you already live in a home and do not want to conceal your wires so badly.

Do let us know if this works for you.

Cheers – Team Aavaas.

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