Godrej Secure Safes

We saw the Godrej Secure range of safes in the Electronic Show in Chennai. Though not entirely new to the market, it makes sense to invest in one. We try to throw some light on it. 

Godrej Secure

The two models we saw were ‘Taurus’ and ‘Treasure Chest’ – both electronic password Safes. You can enter a 3-6 digit code in the ‘Taurus’ model. A 6 digit secret code means 10 lakh combinations. That makes your safe relatively burglar proof.

Why would one go for a Safe at home/office:

  • The same option is available at banks. Though banks may be actually even safer, they charge  rental for your safes. Not only the rental, you have to make a visit to the bank every time you want to withdraw something from your safe.

  • Certain items like documents may not always be at risk of being stolen, but you cannot let them lying around.

  • Normally house holds use the Locker in the almirah as a place to store their valuables. Safes are definitely more safer.

  • Accidents like fire accidents, natural calamities can cause damage to important documents, valuables…etc.

Available models include Rhino, Saffire, Matrix, Treasure chest, Protector, E-Swipe, Centiguard among the others. Each of these has features different from others. Depending on your requirements, you can narrow down on one of these. A short manufacturers’ description of each model is outlined below:

  • Centiguard – Burglar and Fire Resistant Safes.

  • Defender Plus – Burglar and Fire Resistant Safes.

  • E-swipe – Electronic Safes

  • Matrix – Burglar Resisting Safes

  • Protector – Electronic Guestroom Safe

  • Rhino – Burglar Resisting Safes

  • Safire – Fire Resisting Safes

  • Treasure Chest – Electronic Safes

The price range is between Rs. 1,000/- and Rs. 30,000/- depending on the model and capacity that you opt for.   

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