Interior & Exterior Show Chennai – Verdict : Rather stay at home

Ever felt after sitting through a movie for 2 hours what you were doing there? And at the end if you try to recollect any good parts of the movie which may have been money’s worth and didn’t find any? Well this is our reaction to the “Interior & Exterior Show” which had its second day today.


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The setting was perfect, we managed to get a decent (free) car park and got two tickets to get in. Each ticket cost us Rs. 40/- At to this the cost of getting to the venue and back. Seriously, if we had the option, we would be reading about this show on internet !

When we got in, we had a strange sense of Déjà vu. We had the exact same exhibitors put up their stalls at the entrance. Even this did not change. We ran into many stalls which have been there before and had really nothing new to offer.

Most of the stalls were interested in duping consumers into purchasing goods on the pretext of “special discounts” for visitors on the 4 days of the exhibition.

Around 60% of the stalls were relevant to the theme of the show. However the remaining stalls were a real turn off for team Aavaas. Now why would someone pay Rs. 40/- to buy a pair of socks in an exhibition? Or for that matter “suit material”. The theme was completely distorted in our opinion.

Despite the entry fee we saw a size-able crowd today. The show was structured like a maze where you had to unwind through a labyrinth of stalls. The first stretch was well designed and laid out. So it was not cramped. But towards the end where the non-essential stalls were put up, there was no space to walk, as most people crowded there!

Some of the really non-essential stalls we could think of were:

  • Socks shop
  • Suit material shop
  • Coffee shop (it could have been outside)
  • Ice Cream shop
  • Chocolate shop
  • Shops selling MP4 players

We will try and cover some interesting stalls which we ran into today over the next few days.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), we would rate this show 4-. Better stay at home. You are not missing anything spectacular.

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