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This post comes from real experience at home. About a week back, we started getting a real bad smell in our living room/dining room. We were really not sure what the issue was. We tried to mop the floor with fragrant oils, left the windows open so that fresh air could come in, and even cleaned the washbasins and kitchen sinks. Nothing seemed to work at all.

First we thought that maybe some organic matter has got lodged in the sink so we tried to use Drainex to flush it out too. This also had no real effects. Finally we suspected the fridge and realized that this maybe the problem. We were unable to see or solve the issue.

We cleaned the interiors of the fridge and left it without powering on for a couple of hours. But when we switched it back on, the smell returned. Giving up on self remedies, we called the Godrej mechanics. Our fridge is nearly 5 years old and is the regular (non frost-free) model.

The mechanic opened the rear portion of the fridge where there is a tray to collect water from the chiller tray. Since only water is supposed to accumulate in this tray, it is not accessible to users. The tray is designed in such a way that its proximity to the coils of the fridge dries up the water that collects in it.

In our case, what had happened was that one of the milk packets leaked and drained completely into this tray. The temperature differences spoilt the milk which caused all sorts of smells to emanate from the fridge.

The mechanic cleaned the tray thoroughly and we are now able to use it normally.

The take away from this post is:

  • Regularly defrost your fridge if it is not a frost-free model.
  • Avoid keeping milk packets in the chiller tray and check them for leakage prior to storing.

Interested people can also take annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for their refrigerators.

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